Coi Leray alleges someone is paying blogs not to post her: ‘sad’


Apparently, someone’s got Coi backstage.

Over the past few months, it seemed like Coi Leray was taking a well-deserved break from the social media mainstream. The hit rapper was once a blog staple as she garnered attention for her many collaborative efforts, including “Blick Blick” with Nicki Minaj. Of course, controversy always follows when you get this much attention, and in a series of recent tweets, Leray suggested there was someone trying to tone down his shine.

Although Coi Leray didn’t add any context to his tweets, internet sleuths suggested it might have something to do with some comments Minaj made.

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When Minaj released the remix of “Super Freaky Girl” featuring Akbar V, Katie Got Bandz, JT, Maliibu Miitch and Bia, the rap queen suggested some of the new ladies in the game who were upset with the line-up. Apparently, there were women who thought they should have been given a spot on the “Queen Mix,” and Minaj called them “straight” for feeling like they deserved a feature.

This caused Barbz to go on a rampage online again, and they immediately attacked Coi Leray. Amid the social media chaos, Leray came back with an update.

“Don’t come here looking for trouble,” she said. “The world already has plenty of that, so let’s promote positivity as much as we can.” She added, “What’s in the dark always comes out! Stay praying! Stay focused!!… Paying blogs not to post me is sad… Hurting people hurting people people.”

Again, Leray didn’t specifically say who she was referring to, but it looks like there’s quite a bit going on behind the scenes.

Check it out below.


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