Cleveland Cavaliers reportedly plan to reveal new logos, online community beats them


Late Wednesday afternoon, rumors swirled about a new logo drop for the Cleveland Cavaliers, with plans announced to reveal the new designs to the general public on Thursday.

Only, it looks like the online community has beaten the Cavs at their own game, getting an even earlier glimpse of the reported changes.

According to’s Chris Creamer, they already know which logos are being revealed, giving fans a preview.

Like many other reported uniform leaks or logo reveals that have surfaced online in the past, these may not be the real deal, but all appearances suggest they are.

While the Cavs were likely hoping to keep tabs on their new logo designs, the internet, and more specifically, the Cavaliers botched it instead. Somehow the designs leaked and the Cavs organization probably isn’t happy about it.

Half of the presentation is having the chance to put their own spin on the logos, being able to use their own chosen words to describe their new look.

Instead, everyone gets a day’s head start to take the designs for what they’re worth, good or bad.

Now, if and when the Cavaliers officially unveil their logo changes, thousands of fans will be unimpressed simply because of how botched their reveal was. It’s inexplicable, but mistakes do happen. In this case, it should have been easy to prevent, but leaks do happen from time to time, as we have seen in the past.

Like anything, some Cavs fans will love the inevitable changes, and others will miss the good old days. Let’s see the full plan before diving into too much detail. Ultimately, as long as the list continues to improve, fans probably won’t care about the intricate details their logos entail.

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