BTS RM Getting Married? Online community draws attention with recent report


East BTS MR to marry?

BTS recently shocked fans by announcing that the members will be focusing on solo and individual projects before continuing with their group programs again. Still, they assured fans that they would always work together if a project needed them to appear together.

Amid the long-awaited hiatus, a report stole the show and alleged that K-pop supergroup leader RM is getting married.

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BTS RM sparks marriage rumors

On June 23, YouTube channel Sojang leaked RM’s alleged marriage report. The channel said the idol’s bride told her friend that she was going to marry the Butter hitmaker.

The rumor immediately went viral as it was shared with the online community which revealed Seo Taiji’s marriage. The retired musician eventually got married despite the public refusing to believe the initial report.

With that, Sojang claimed that the wedding news on RM is most likely true due to the accuracy of past revelations from the community.

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To prove the claims, the post shared a screenshot of the Kakaotalk conversation in which RM’s reported partner revealed that she was getting married. Sojang added that RM allegedly met his future wife at a fan meeting she has been attending since 2014. She is believed to be the daughter of a wealthy family and is an Ivy League college graduate.

The report, which is just one of the marriage rumors RM has faced in recent years, should be taken with a grain of salt.

In fact, RM himself once broke his silence regarding one of the discussions.

RM responds to marriage rumors

In April, the BTS frontman responded to a fan who asked when he was planning on getting married. He was surprised at first, but eventually offered a startling response.

According to RM, he does not know exactly when he will get married. ARMYs also shared his statement online and said he has no plans to start a family even though he happens to be in a relationship right now.

With that, it’s safe to say marriage isn’t on her mind just yet.

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