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Every now and then I have to sternly remind myself that I am a Totally Happy Batch-ler. It was one of those times. This week’s interviewee, Maggie Firth, is a statue-ESK, standard purebred Poo coffee latte color with legs so far, a cropped haircut that shows off her stellar ass-for-MAY-shun, fluffy top cocoa-colored steps, ears and tail-pom; the rest, little curls of cream and cocoa. Even though Miss Maggie is a posh pedigree, she is no snob.

So when I heard that Furever Home was her fourth (and she’s not even an anna haff) I was like “What-at?”

She trotted with her mother to greet me and my assistant. In fact, it was a graceful prancing, like those dancing white horses.

“It’s SO PLEH-zure to do your uh-QUAIN-tunce, Mr. Bonzo!” she said looking at me with her big brown eyes. “I’ve heard so much about you. Please come in. Warm up your paws.

We can sit here by the fireplace.

My paws, in fact, felt like they were glued to the ground. “I, uh, uh…” I mumbled softly, forcing my gaze away from her long, graceful muzzle and cocoa-colored nose.

I finally managed to get my paws moving, shook the lint from my head, and retrieved my notebook, which had somehow fallen to the floor.

“It’s totally my pleasure. Nice place you have.

“Why thank you,” she said gently. “This is my mother Furever, Kerry. Make yourself comfortable and let me know when to start.

“Ready when you are, Miss Maggie,” I said in my serious professional voice.

After delicately accepting a snack from the bottom of my assistant’s satchel, she gracefully sat down and began.

“Not so long ago mum lost her 16 year old Maltese sweetheart Meeka. At the time mum’s daughter Sheana and her dog Bear were living here with mum which helped to fill the void of loneliness. But when they moved somewhere else, mom started thinking about getting another dog. She was photographing a medium-sized dog; not a puppy; didn’t shed; a rescue because that’s what she’s always had. So like mom said, she threw the idea out into the universe. (I’m not sure, but I think it’s a huge, big , gi-GAN-tic space that can hold everything else, like pillows, water, and thots, and it’s not even crowded. It’s a human thing, so…)”

Personal note: Google Universe. Maggie continued.

“As a just weaned puppy I was bought by a lady across the state who thought she wanted to breed poodles but when I was about 9 months old she changed her mind. So she put my pickshur a biography on a Poo Rehoming website.

“THEN mum’s very good Frens an Nay-bors, Marc and Sue (who already had two standard Poos: Bo and Sissy), saw my irresistible choice and decided to buy me for Marc’s mother, who s was always cheated Bo a sissy.

“It was WUDDA Totally Swell except for one tiny little thing: I’m a puppy with tons of energy and I love to play outside, especially where there’s a lot of DIRT and, cuzza our pond and stuff, lots of MUD, which I would follow everywhere when I got back from playing. Which was LOTS TO FOLLOW. So, long tail short, I ended up with Marc, Sue, Bo and Sissy.

“We got along great Grrreat! However, THREE big, mischievous poodles were ONE TOO MANY POODLES. The next time Mom saw Marc, Sue, Bo and Sissy hanging out, she realized there was an extra poo: ME!

“Here’s the Crispy Biscuits part: Although I’ve never seen it before, I was like, ‘THIS IS MY FUREVER MOM!’ I stuck my nose out so she could stroke me. And she did. We totally had a moment. The next morning, Marc said to mom, ‘Hmmm, I wonder if you’d like to adopt Maggie? ‘ A mum said: ‘YES! Muddy Paws a whole!’ And just like that, I got Furever Home.

“What a wonderful cock, Miss Maggie!”

“I KNOW! Mom says it’s a WinWinWin: She’s got a new com-pan-yun (ME) bew-dee-ful; Marc, Sue and my Besties Bo an Sissy can visit anytime; and I have had my mom Furever Full disclosure, I love being a (slightly) spoiled dog.

“Thing about Muddy Paws Thing: It always happens of course, but mom found this muddy dog ​​foot cleaner thing that looks like a toilet bowl brush in a plastic jug with water in it .

“Now every time I get Muddy Paws I go straight to mum on the PAdio; she holds the thing and helps me stick a paw in it once and spin it around. It only tickles a little a WAAA-LAAA, more Muddy Paws. Here, I’ll show you!

She demonstrated. It worked! And it totally looked like a toilet bowl brush.

“Tell me about your doggie buddies. And what you do for fun,” I suggested. “Paws Down, my favorite thing is duck hunting. I never catch them. A game ball! I chew on my choking chipmunk and my squeaky pink rubber pig. I have tons of doggie friends at the Dog Park. And I love taking classes at Elite Training. Even if it’s school, it’s WAY FUN.

“Bo, Sissy and Bear are my best friends, but at Bo an Sissy, there are also Pickles and Stella.

Before them, I didn’t know there were pets that weren’t dogs. do you have Pickles is a cockatoo; it’s a fancy bird with feathers instead of fur. Stella is a big cat. The first cat I knew. Have you ever met a cat? We miss them. I think she likes me but I’m not totally sure.

“At night, I snuggle up in Mom’s beautiful big cozy bed. Mom has a little corner, and I lay in the rest with my long legs. I’m such a lucky grrrl, Mr. Bonzo.

The hour had passed. As I drove home, I thought of how Muddy Paws had led Maggie to his Furever Mom. I guess the universe has a sense of humor.

Till next time,


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