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Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) turns 40 today. As a development authority, BDA reaffirms its commitment to the citizens of Bhubaneswar by ensuring transparency, teamwork and technology in line with the 5T initiatives of the Chief Minister of Odisha. While addressing the BDA team, Vice President Shri Sanjay Kumar Singh, the IAS urged the BDA staff to resolve issues and address citizens’ concerns as a matter of priority. He said, “BDA considers every citizen as a customer and therefore we have an obligation and responsibility to make life and living standards easier and better by ensuring hassle-free service and more customer-centric infrastructure and amenities. the citizens.”

It should be noted that BDA was founded on September 1, 1983, and 40 years have passed. With rapid urbanization in India, it is essential that Tier 2 cities like Bhubaneswar are resilient enough to meet the future needs of the city and its surrounding environment. “All these years, BDA has helped shape the city as a livable city. With housing being the top priority all these years, many would appreciate the former BDA settlement and the exemplary work of the BDA team in building the neighborhood,” said said Kabindra Kumar Sahoo, BDA Secretary.During Covid, BDA has made every effort to turn challenge into opportunity.Not only services like Online Building Plan Approval System (OBPAS) but also others services such as online lease deed application, NOC application and asset transfer, etc. are some of the citizen-centric services that citizens access online, Sahoo added. note that BDA’s online system has been appreciated and adapted by many other states in the recent past.

“The conviction of citizens is very important for every BDA employee. In line with Hon’ble CM’s vision, we are focusing on the 5T governance model with a focused effort on transparency, teamwork and technology,” added VC BDA Shri Sanjay Kumar. As the whole world grapples with the impact of climate change, we as a city must prepare and plan enough to do justice to the future generation by making the city of Bhubaneswar resilient. In the coming days, BDA will focus more on designing greener smart home with more open space and adapting green energy.

On this occasion, two students were congratulated for the excellence of their education belonging to the members of the BDA team. Harshita Kanungo obtained 93.6% in class 10 of DAV public school and is the daughter of Rebatikanta Kanungo, an assistant engineer at BDA. Similarly, Arpita Priyadarshani got 90.6% in 10th grade from Guru Nakak Public School, who is the daughter of Dhananjaya Parida, Assistant Officer of EE 3 Division.

On this occasion, the annual report of BDA was also published by VC BDA & Secretary BDA.


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