Around the Diabetes Online Community in March 2022


The diabetes social media sphere has been busier than ever over the past month, from acknowledging an international conflict to learning about adjusting our insulin doses..

Here’s our monthly roundup of posts that caught our eye throughout March 2022, in no particular order.

March marked Women’s History Monthand we were honored to share this tribute to a host of women who have had an incredible impact on the diabetes community over the years.

With the ongoing attack on Ukraine, our online Diabetes Community (DOC) has extended the #SpareARose campaign through March to raise an impressive amount of money to help people with diabetes in this part of the world. Non-profit organization Beyond Type 1 also has this great resource listing ways to help.

People with diabetes often feel under pressure with the demands of daily living alongside the management of this condition. This fun Instagram post tackles that topic, as lawyer Kylie talks about her life with a lesser-known type of diabetes and how demanding it can be for her. Sure, we’re told not to aim for perfection, but that’s easier said than done…right?!

We couldn’t help but smile at our friend Mila Clarke, who shared on Instagram a recent victory by nailing her pre-bolus of insulin before a meal. For those who receive multiple injections daily (MDI) or even use an insulin pump, it’s a challenge that so often leaves us off track. Well done Milla! (Besides: Be sure to turn up your volume to hear the perfectly fitting sound choice Mila used to mark the moment).

Tom Karlya at Diabetes Dad had a great article marking the history of diabetes treatment and advocacy, honoring those who have paved the way and helped shape the diabetes community and world over the years.

Actor Noah AK, who starred in ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘ along with his wife Mary Wiseman, launched a successful crowdfunding campaign during the month, raising money for a new film about type 1 diabetes that contemplates the apocalypse, while tackling the important question of the affordability of insulin. Many people donating were from the Star Trek community, as well as #insulin4all online movement. You can read more about his projects on the Kickstarter campaign page.

It wouldn’t be March without college basketball ‘madness’, and true to that theme, our friends at Integrated Diabetes Services have created their own materials with a diabetes twist. Who do you think will qualify for the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four and take first place in our D-Community?

The Juicebox Podcast presented a revealing episodein which host D-Dad Scott Benner delves into a controversial topic: being a stripper or sex worker who also has type 1 diabetes. It might not be for everyone, but it’s an interesting listen.

Life with diabetes can be everything from frustrating, challenging, adventurous or easy to manage, nothing serious in the same day. We loved this latest post from Molly Johannes on Hugging the Cactus, about a recent “rookie mistake” she made in managing her own long-term diabetes. No matter how many years we live with “the big D”, we always seem to be faced with new problems that can make it a bumpy ride.

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