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half life is a franchise that its audience has supported. Modders, writers, and concerned citizens have all helped keep the universe running without a lot of new games and enough information, creating remakes like Black Mesa and all-new games like Entropy: Zero 2, in addition to comics and fan social networks. covers it all. A cult among Half-Life enthusiasts, the previous site was a WordPress blog that collected unauthorized, official comics Valve information and blog posts regarding modding and fan initiatives. Sadly, it stopped working in 2018, six years after it started, but it’s back now in 2022.

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A completely new version of the website created from scratch has been a project of mine for three years, according to the website’s founder, Mythos. So don’t panic; new stuff, especially essays on Half-Life topics every week, will be uploaded shortly once the comic archive is transferred.

In general, Mythos informs me that the Half-Life group is a laid-back group. They have my highest praise. All I want is for Half-Life enthusiasts to find my site cool. Not to mention the comics either. I still love them very much and they play an important role in the history of the site.

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There are already 675 comics on many authors’ website, and there will be more. They range from heartbreaking cinematic films made in Garry’s Mod, like Kaden, to comedic slapstick about rebels called “Jeff”. All are free to view in their original form on the website, giving Half-Life fans a place to create original works to honor the series they love.

Rather than using artwork, these comics are created in the Source engine, frequently using Garry’s Mod, and most of the images are captured. Because of this, each panel has a real Half-Life 2 vibe, bringing back fond memories as you read.


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