9 Paleo Diet Blogs and Websites for Healthy and Delicious Recipes


The key aspect of the paleo diet is to eat unprocessed foods, like humans did long ago. It’s a pretty prehistoric way of eating and will limit your shopping list to meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits and nuts. You will need to completely avoid sugars, grains, legumes, dairy products and vegetable oils.

Although restrictive, the paleo diet can give people more energy and help with weight loss and heart health. These websites and blogs will help you find resources and recipes if you want to try the paleo diet or expand your paleo palate.

Culinary Blog Nom Nom Paleo

The Nom Nom Paleo website is run by Michelle Tam, who some call the queen of paleo cooking. She certainly seems to do it all, as her website is full of amazing tips, recipes, cookbooks, and meal plans that you can follow using a meal planning app.

All of her recipes are 100% paleo. Plus, you can eat many of her recipes if you’re following another diet program, like Whole30 or low carb. The website offers a shop with a range of delicious spice blends, like umami stir-fry powder and Sichuan spicy powder. If you already follow Nom Nom Paleo and want even more recipes and resources, you can check out Tam’s cookbook, Nom Nom Paleo: Let’s Go!

Paleo Marks Daily Apple website

Mark started his blog over 10 years ago, and it covers everything you need to know if you want to eat like humans did 10,000 years ago. This is a website where you will find information on many paleo-related topics, from the ins and outs of a primitive lifestyle to paleo and keto recipes suitable for beginners.

Looking for easy and delicious paleo recipes to get started? Try macadamia nut cookie bars, instant beef enchiladas, or gluten-free Swedish meatballs. You can also listen to the Primal Kitchen podcast or visit the Primal Kitchen YouTube channel for mouth-watering recipe videos.

Paleo Running Momma Site Blog

Michele started her diet journey in 2013 to help her with a running injury and her IBS issues. She has a passion for bringing healthy, tasty, family-friendly paleo recipes to others. Whether you are looking for recipes categorized by dish or a meal to prepare for a specific holiday, Michele is the girl who has it all!

Some of Michele’s paleo recipes you must try are his paleo pumpkin muffins with cinnamon streusel, roasted stuffed acorn squash, and “breaded” paleo chicken cutlets. Michele also sells a cookbook, Paleo Baking At Home, which has even more recipes.

The Paleo Mom website

If you’re seriously considering starting a paleo diet, there are a number of great paleo apps that can make it easier for you. However, there’s no better place to start than The Paleo Mom website. Dr. Sarah Ballantyne is a health expert and medical biophysicist who wants to help others improve their health.

The Paleo Mom has an endless library of different resources where you can learn about the Paleo lifestyle, autoimmunity, nutrition, gut health, and paleo-friendly recipes. For cooking beginners, start with the cooking basics, like guacamole or roast chicken. For those who want to challenge themselves, try the mini carob ganache pies or the salmon tourtière.

Paleomg Diet Blog Website

Juli is a food-obsessed paleo eater who admits she doesn’t eat 100% paleo all the time, but wants to inspire you to eat healthy, delicious foods. The recipes on PaleOMG are mouthwatering and the food photography is breathtaking. Be sure to try a few, like Juli’s Fish Taco Bowls, Gluten-Free Cornbread Stuffing, and Fluffy Protein Pancakes.

Topics on the website range from fitness, fashion and beauty to pregnancy and travel. Juli also hosts a podcast called PaleOMG Uncensored, where she shares her experiences and life updates.

Paleo Blog Texanerin Baking

This blog is great for those with a sweet tooth as it focuses more on delicious, paleo-friendly desserts and baked goodies. Erin is a girl from Texas who loves all things baking. She insists that almost all of her recipes are grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo.

With nearly 500 recipes available, from brownies to cookies to cheesecakes, there’s probably not a delicious dessert you won’t find on Texanerin Baking. In addition, the author offers beautiful savory recipes, such as his pecan-crusted salmon.

Cook Eat Well paleo blog

The Cook Eat Well blog aims to keep it simple and easy. The author, Lisa, has been eating healthy, paleo-friendly meals for 10 years. Her star recipes are quick and tasty, but always made with ingredients that are easy to find for everyone.

Juli’s “shortcut recipes” are designed so you don’t have to spend hours cooking. You can cook healthy recipes at home on a budget, like Buffalo Chicken Thighs or Sweet Potato Fries. Even though these are simple recipes, they don’t lack flavor and you can still eat the foods you know and love.

The Paleo Diet website

The Paleo Diet website is the ultimate library of all the best basic Paleo principles and concepts. On the website, you’ll find resources on the paleo lifestyle, meal plans, shopping lists, cookbooks, and the science behind the paleo diet.

For those who are simply looking for tasty recipes, you can search by ingredient, type of meal or type of dish. There’s something for everyone, from curry cilantro burgers to paleo chicken tikka masala. And for something sweet after dinner, check out recipes for chocolate raspberry truffles, pumpkin pie, and more.

Elanas Pantry paleo blog

Elana calls herself a food fanatic and paleo pioneer, but she’s also a bestselling author who just loves creating delicious paleo recipes.

Must-try meals on Elana’s website include her Chili Cheese Muffins and Lime Chipotle Salmon. For the sweet tooth, there are recipes for gluten-free snickerdoodles, low-carb fudge, and more. To learn the ins and outs of paleo cooking, you can also read Elana’s cookbooks.

Blogs and Websites to Facilitate the Prehistoric Paleo Diet

Sometimes called the caveman diet, the paleo diet program focuses on eating like humans did millions of years ago. It can be difficult to know which foods you can eat and which you should avoid, but these inspiring paleo diet blogs and websites can give you all the information you need to get started.

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