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As a pet retailer, you have a lot to do with answering your customers’ questions, stocking the products they want, and providing services that keep their pets healthy and happy. Running your business is another part of what you need to balance, but navigating sales, marketing, e-commerce, and search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t have to be daunting.

As the oldest and most trusted trade association in the pet community for over 70 years, the World Pet Association (WPA) seeks to unite the pet community through knowledge, integrity, innovation and leadership. As a testament to this mission, WPA has partnered with several organizations to help ensure the health and sustainability of the pet community.

“Members are the heart of our association,” said Vic Mason, WPA President. “As part of our commitment to nurturing a healthier, more collaborative community that enriches the lives of pets and humans, we are excited to expand these partnership opportunities to help our members run successful businesses.”

boss of pets

Pet Boss Nation is a collaborative movement to provide business mentorship to pet professionals. Comprised of independent pet retailers, dog daycares and boarding houses, grooming salons, pet sitters, brands and service providers, Pet Boss Nation offers a variety of services and programs to help entrepreneurs to run a better pet business. No matter where pet business owners are in their careers – whether they’re just starting out, working to grow, or contemplating the next chapter – Pet Boss Nation wants to provide the resources and support. needed to help them be profitable.

Among the programs boss of pets offerings is its Pet Boss Club, a monthly subscription that offers a peer community, live Q&A sessions with Pet Boss Nation founder Candace D’Agnolo, access to marketing toolkits, and a library resources, special discounts on pet products and more. . WPA members save up to $600 on Pet Boss Club membership while joining 200 other independent member businesses in the United States and Canada.

For those looking for a one-on-one experience, Pet Boss Nation offers a program where business owners can schedule coaching sessions with a mentor who will help them with issues such as sales, marketing, insurance and resources. human. And for those who want the full VIP experience, Pet Boss Nation even offers private consultations with D’Agnolo to help you discover personalized and unique business solutions based on your challenges and goals.

“The fastest way to build a successful business is to have the right training and support in place,” D’Agnolo said. “Success isn’t just about income; it’s also about building a strong team, reclaiming your time and living your dream. We are pleased that our partnership with WPA allows us to reach more pet entrepreneurs.


NextPaw, a store locator network and marketing platform, is an essential piece of technology that every pet food/supply manufacturer and independent pet retail store should use. For free, a retailer can claim their store listing, which appears on pet manufacturer websites and store locators. Shoppers can then browse pet store listings to find in-stock products and learn about upcoming events, promotions, online reviews and more.

For serious pet professionals who want to improve SEO, modernize customer communication with messaging, manage online reviews, and create new ways to get paid for personalized products and services, NextPaw offers a low-cost premium plan. cost that ends up helping retailers get more customers. . The pet retail landscape is changing, and brands and retail stores need an omnichannel approach to allow their customers to stand out and compete with big chain stores and pet retailers. e-commerce. NextPaw was designed to plug into any existing website solution a pet retailer may be using.

At SuperZoo 2021, NextPaw and WPA unveiled new, free technology that allows pet brands and retailers to control how their business appears to shoppers using store locators in the pet industry.

“Independent retailers and specialty manufacturers are the backbone of this community,” said Brandon Swenson, co-founder of NextPaw. “We are pleased that with WPA, our relationship allows us to provide resources that level the playing field for independent pet retailers.”

WPA members who run a local business get free access to NextPaw and, for a limited time, can activate a three-month free trial of all the platform’s premium tools. WPA members who manufacture pet food, toys and/or supplies can expand their website’s footprint on Google and expand their brand’s local reach by signing up for Brand-Only Technology on OneBark.org.

Connecting with customers and building lasting relationships is key to long-term growth. Successful independent pet retailers know that NextPaw helps build those relationships.

WPA365 and Super Zoo 2022

As pet brands, retailers and service professionals strive to improve their skills, grow their businesses and leverage marketing strategies to attract more customers, WPA meets their needs with WPA365. This on-demand platform provides a curated collection of learning opportunities to help business owners achieve their goals. And for the best way to stay on top of trends and ideas, mark your calendar for Super Zoo 2022which will be held from August 23 to 25 in Las Vegas.

“Attendees of SuperZoo 2022 will have the opportunity to see Pet Boss Nation and NextPaw onsite,” Mason said. “We are passionate about helping people grow their pet businesses and seeing how these partnerships can help them achieve their goals.”

The World Pet Association (WPA) brings the pet world together so that quality interaction and education between and among product suppliers and pet owners can create healthier, happier pets and a healthier and more productive pet industry. Founded in 1950, WPA brings thought leadership, innovative thinking and best practices to the pet industry, striving to inform and educate the general public to ensure safe and healthy lifestyles. to our animal friends.


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