Tips to get your loan without down payment

Do the banks refuse the loan? Tired of looking for unpaid financing? We offer you tips to get the best loan solution without having any personal or professional contribution.

Do not waste time and do not waste time, tell them immediately that you have no contributions and that you need credit, real estate or consumption.

Going around the bush is useless, you have to inform the lender immediately (at the simulation) that you have no money left or that you do not want to use it. Banks are especially attentive to borrowers and have solutions to bypass the lack of funds (loan at 110%), an honest borrower and above all fair play will be reassuring from the start.

Solicit intermediaries


Brokers and other agents have several partnerships, so they have financing possibilities, knowing that it is always possible with these structures to “negotiate” their credit and handling fees, real attractive offers are available without any contribution.

In addition, as not all banks necessarily offer mortgages without contribution, it is an excellent solution to quickly find the right banks and credit institutions.

Build on your positive

For some, it will be bank accounts with zero defaults. For others, it will be a big income, and finally for others the possibility of repatriating bank accounts. We all have a positive point to put forward so that funding without an agreement is accepted. Take stock of your finances, your borrower profile and especially the arguments to be produced to convince the bank to grant you the home loan.

Play the “insurance” card

Play the “insurance” card

Banks are paid on insurance when rates are low, so they can take the risk of lending without making a contribution to the household, even for mortgage loans.

It is a counterpart to obtain financing at an advantageous rate but the bank will offer costly insurance, to “catch up” and earn money. Nothing prevents you from signing this contract but from changing insurance during the current year, Hamon law now allows it…

Simulate online

Prejudices, received ideas, opinions on forums, all these elements may give you a negative opinion but you have to simulate your loan without any contribution to know if the financing is feasible, it is completely free and above all, it does not commit anything at all.

At least we are quickly fixed. The advantage is to be able to do it at any time and without necessarily being at home. Proposals are quickly obtained without commitment.

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