Loan without proof of performance.

Students who are looking for a credit without proof of performance will be disappointed. A loan in connection with state aid does not exist without proof of performance. A special regulation only applies to trainees in vocational training.

Credit without proof of performance – problem

Credit without proof of performance - problem

Students can hope for comprehensive credit support in order to achieve their educational goal. Loan offers exist through the German State Funding, the education loan from the Federal Office of Administration and student loans from various commercial banks. A credit without proof of performance is not intended for any of these loan providers for students.

With regard to the educational loan from the Federal Office of Administration for students, however, proof of achievement can only be provided once. It is proof that you have the admission requirements for the postgraduate course. For example, the passed bachelor’s exam or a pre-diploma may be required. Subsequently, no further performance records are required.

It is different with German State Funding for students. In this case, proof of performance is not required at the beginning, but only after a study period of four semesters. Different deadlines apply to all other student loans, whether through a bank or from Across Lender. Proof must only be provided after five semesters of study.

There is a special regulation only for students at vocational academies. The regulations for pupils – apprentices in vocational training apply. You can use an education loan without proof of achievement.

Provide proof of performance late

Provide proof of performance late

Finding a loan without proof of performance could mean that proof of performance cannot be provided in time. It would be possible that an illness led to the fact that the decisive exam was not recorded. Various reasons can justify submitting the required proof of performance late. It is always important to be able to prove the reason for the delay. In the event of illness on the day of the exam, it is the doctor’s certificate that allows a delay.

Another recognized reason is due to the fault of the university. Not infrequently, it is not possible to issue the required certificate in good time despite passing the test. Another case in which the university is at fault is the failure of the professor. Recognized reasons for the delay could also be a semester abroad, pregnancy or bringing up a child. In the case of child rearing, there is only a reason for delay if it is the child under 10 years of age. In addition, participation as an institution of the university can justify a delay.

Way out of the credit crunch – credit for studying

Way out of the credit crunch - credit for studying

The credit options without proof of performance are limited to ordinary loans. Unlike real student loans, no repayment-free time can usually be agreed. In addition, a student usually does not have his own work income. Without the help of parents, there are hardly any credit opportunities available.

One way out could be the Fine Bank credit line. Again the help of the parents would be needed. You could apply for a credit line for yourself. Similar to the overdraft facility, the borrower can call up desired amounts at any time from the granted credit line. There is no obligation to repay the loan immediately. Only the interest has to be paid every month. An effective annual interest rate of 6.70 percent is calculated. So there is at least a chance for the parents to help out with a loan without proof of performance, without having to start repaying immediately.