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Borrow money in 2021

Nowadays it is very simple to borrow money quickly. A new scooter, a broken washing machine or outstanding bills; you can get money quickly via the internet. Because there are countless providers of loans in the Netherlands, lists the most important information. In addition, we compare the best lenders, so that you always make the best choice. Everyone who needs money has their own reason. And there is a lender for every reason.


The comparison below is based on a loan amount of US $ 25,000 with a term of 36 months. The type of loan, the interest, the costs and the monthly costs of the following providers are considered: Shineloan , Onebank , Nationale Nederlanden , Samboan and Moneyney.

Provider Product Interest Per year Per month
Personal loan 4.20% $ 1,618.75 $ 739.41
Personal loan 4.30% $ 1,618.75 $ 739.41
Revolving credit 4.50% $ 1,734.38 $ 742.62
Personal loan 4.60% $ 1,784.00 $ 744.00
Personal loan 8.50% $ 5,584.40 $ 509.14

* At Samboan it is only possible to borrow this amount with a term of 60 months.


Why would you use if you need money? However, there are hundreds of comparison websites on the internet. Yet there are a number of reasons why you should choose

  • Independent comparison
  • Detailed explanation about loans
  • The best providers
  • Sharpest interest rates in one overview
  • Direct comparison = quickly request quotes

Borrow cheap money

Calculate how much money you want to borrow

When you decide to borrow money, it is wise to compare the different providers. Why? Because every lender uses different conditions and rules. Think of the amount to be borrowed, the interest rate and the additional costs. These factors all affect your loan and the amount that you ultimately have to repay. By comparing loans, you will find the loan that suits you best. Other things that can differ with lenders are, for example, the term and the type of loan.

Credit limit Interest Duration Product
5,000 us dollars 6.0% 48 months Continuously
10,000 us dollars 5.1% 48 months In person
15,000 us dollars 4.4% 48 months In person
20,000 us dollars 4.4% 48 months In person
25,000 us dollars 4.1% 48 months In person
50,000 us dollars 4.1% 48 months In person
75,000 us dollars 4.1% 48 months In person

Why choose is an independent comparison website. The providers have no influence on the information we provide, so that you as a consumer are always informed in a fair way. This makes it easy and quick to find the lender that suits you best. compares providers based on the interest rate and the conditions that are set. In our comparator, the providers with the lowest interest and the best conditions are therefore placed directly at the top.

In addition, offers a detailed explanation of the different types of loans. Not only is attention paid to revolving credit in personal loans, but we also tell you more about other ways of borrowing money such as credit cards, student loans and crowdfunding.

On you have the option to compare almost all providers. Not a small selection, but just an extensive overview of the best lenders in the Netherlands. After you have compared these providers, you have the option to quickly request a quote. This way you know within 24 hours where you stand and whether you are eligible for a loan.

Transfer loan

Do you still have a current loan, but can you get the same loan cheaper elsewhere? Then it is now possible to transfer your loan . In most cases this is quite easy, you just have to ask yourself if it is indeed that much cheaper. It may seem that a low monthly charge is more attractive, while in practice you only spread the term further.

How does work? compares the best lenders and works according to a step-by-step plan. You as a consumer also play an important role in this.

Step 1: Choose the right loan form.
Which loan you take out depends on what you are looking for. If you need a one-off amount of money, for example for the purchase of a car, it may be wise to take out a personal loan. If you are working on a renovation of a home in the long term and you are not sure how much money you need for this, it may be wise to choose a revolving credit.

Step 2: Determine how much money you want to borrow.
Both with a personal loan and a revolving credit, a minimum amount of US $ 2,500 and a maximum of US $ 75,000 applies. Never borrow more than is necessary, so determine in advance how much money you actually need. Not sure yet? Then it is possible to opt for a flexible credit.

Step 3: Check whether you are eligible for a loan.
Almost everyone from the age of 18 is eligible for a loan of up to 1,500 from a provider such as Linda-adnil. However, it is wiser to take out a loan with a reliable party in the Netherlands with a valid AFM license. However, these parties expect that you do not have any arrears and that you have sufficient income to repay the loan monthly.

Step 4: Compare multiple providers. was set up to make the loan market more transparent. We compare all loans based on the lowest interest and the best conditions. It is always wise to first compare interest rates before requesting a quote.

Step 5: Apply for a loan.
When you have found the providers with the best interest and conditions, you can request multiple quotes. This way you can be sure later that you have not paid too much for your loan. You can borrow money directly from multiple providers on

Types of Loans

There are two common ways of borrowing. For example, you can choose to quickly compare and take out a revolving credit or a personal loan . With a revolving credit, you only withdraw money when you really need it. The interest is then based on the actual amount you borrowed. In almost all cases, the interest rate is variable, unlike a personal loan. In addition, extra repayments are penalty-free with most providers. A revolving credit also has no fixed term.

A personal loan, on the other hand, is a handy form of borrowing as soon as you need money for a large purchase. The interest rates on a personal loan are often lower. In addition, you pay a fixed amount of interest and repayment every month. That way you always know where you stand.

Credit card
These two ways are the most common ways of borrowing money, but certainly not the only ones. For example, it is possible to have extra money with a credit card. Credit cards are bank cards on which you can make purchases that you pay for at a later time. With this you can often pay and withdraw money worldwide. In some cases you pay extra transaction costs for these transactions. A big advantage of a credit card is that you do not need the money immediately when you want to make a purchase. You often pay the costs of the credit card back to the issuer on a fixed date.

Crowdfunding is also a way to get extra money. This form is often used to finance projects. In contrast to a loan from a bank or lender, crowdfunding takes place without the intervention of financial intermediaries. This mainly concerns direct contact between investors and entrepreneurs. Crowdfunding works as follows. A group or person, which can be both business and private, wants to start a project. However, the starting capital is lacking for this. A crowdfund is set up to raise this capital. Everyone can therefore invest in the project. Because many private individuals invest a small amount in the project, it is ultimately possible to finance the entire project.

Business loan
A counterpart to crowdfunding is a business loan. As with crowdfunding, money is needed for a business project or starting a company. These loans are often provided by banks. In most cases, business loans involve large amounts such as 50,000, 100,000 or even 250,000 us dollars. In some cases, special business loans are provided for freelancers or SMEs. Business loans have a fixed term and in many cases also a fixed interest rate. Applying for a business loan is not just possible. Conditions are set that you and your company must meet. For example, in most cases your company must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce for at least one year and with some lenders a minimum turnover per year is also a condition. If you meet these conditions, you will in most cases receive your borrowed money into your account within 24 hours.

Mini loan
Do you need money, but not borrow a large amount? That is also possible. We call this a mini loan. This form of borrowing often has a relatively short term, usually between 15 and 60 days, and money can be borrowed from one hundred us dollars. This form of borrowing is extremely suitable when you do not have enough money to last until the end of the month. An advantage of a mini loan is that you do not immediately have to pay a large amount of money. A disadvantage, however, is that the interest you pay on the loan amount is relatively high. For example, if you borrow an amount of 200 USD with a term of 30 days, the interest you pay is 2.16 USD. It seems a small amount, but given the amount of money borrowed and the short term, this is a fairly high percentage.

Student loan
Another common form of borrowing is the student loan. Also known as the student loan. Because students (often) cannot make ends meet on the money they earn from their part-time job, they too are given the opportunity to borrow money. The best-known and cheapest loan for students is the student loan from DUO. Yet not everyone is entitled to this. That is why it is also possible for students to borrow money from the bank.

Since HBO and WO students no longer receive a basic grant, they are entitled to a student loan. This is the loan they can take out with DUO. You can determine how much you borrow. This loan can be adjusted up or down every month, but can also be stopped monthly. The interest you pay on the borrowed money is adjusted every five years. A student loan from DUO is interest-free for the next five years. Before that, this percentage was 0.1%. In contrast to a loan from a bank, this is a very low percentage. As a student, if you apply for a revolving credit or personal loan from a bank, the interest is usually between 5% and 12%.

There are a number of conditions for a student loan from DUO.

  • You are younger than thirty when the student grant commences. With an MBO program you must be at least 18 years old when your student finance starts.
  • You follow a full-time or dual course of at least one year at a college or university. Or you follow a full-time vocational training program (BOL) of at least one year.
  • You have a Dutch nationality, or you meet the conditions for people with a non-Dutch nationality.
  • You have not yet used up your maximum entitlement to student finance.

Student loan from a bank
If you do not meet these DUO conditions, it is possible to contact a bank as a student. There are two different types of loans from which you can choose: a personal loan or a revolving credit.

With a personal loan you borrow a fixed amount of at least US $ 2,500 and a maximum of US $ 75,000 in one go. The term and the level of the interest are determined in advance. As a result, you repay a fixed amount every month. With a revolving credit you have more freedom. Here too you can borrow a minimum of US $ 2.5,000 and a maximum of US $ 75,000, but with a revolving credit, the term and interest are variable. In addition, you can determine yourself when you withdraw and pay off the borrowed money. You only pay interest on the amount that you actually withdraw.

Nice to know

Repay penalty free
When you have a loan, you pay off a certain amount per month. This amount is determined in advance and ensures that you have paid off the entire debt at the end of the term. Yet it is possible to repay more than the agreed monthly amount. This allows you to get rid of your loan faster. This seems attractive, but lenders may charge extra for this. This is because the provider misses out on interest income and has to compensate for this. This only applies to personal loans.

Not all lenders hand out these 'fines', after which you make additional monthly payments. With more and more providers it is possible to repay penalty-free, whenever you want. When comparing, it is useful to check whether the provider applies similar fines.

Borrow money with term life insurance
When taking out a loan, the word term life insurance (OVR) may come up. This insurance ensures that your next of kin will not be left with the debts of your loan, should you die during the term. With some lenders, this insurance is included for free. In that case, the interest rate is usually higher than for loans that do not include OVR.

If the OVR is not included, it is possible to take it through an insurance company. The interest on your loan will not increase, but you do pay an extra premium for this insurance.

Borrow money responsibly

Borrowing money, costs money

Borrowing money costs money . Interest must be paid on the loan amount in almost all cases, which is often a long financial process. That is why it is important that you make the right choices when it comes to borrowing money. There are various agencies that help with this. The Wijzer in Geldzaken platform, for example. This platform, set up by the Dutch government, provides useful tips and helps anyone who is about to take out a loan.

Another body that is constantly dealing with loans and debts is the Credit Bureau. This foundation is a kind of gathering place where all loans are registered by lenders. The Credit Bureau registers all these loans and keeps track of whether everyone pays his or her debt on time. If this happens, the registration with the Credit Bureau works to the benefit of the consumer. The lender will then see that the payment behavior of this consumer is in order. According to figures from the Credit Bureau, this is the case for 93% of the 10 million people in their database.

The other 7% has a negative registration in his or her name. This means that a loan received was not paid on time in the past. Lenders can request this information about consumers from the foundation and if they find a negative registration, in many cases a new credit will be provided less quickly.

The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) also supervises the financial markets: savings, investments, insurance, pensions, reporting and also loans. They ensure that the public, the business community and the government have confidence in the financial markets.

In addition to these supervisors, there is also the Financial Services Complaints Institute (Kifid) . This is an expert and accessible financial complaints institute for consumers and small business entrepreneurs and freelancers. You can go to Kifid with complaints about a financial product or financial service, such as insurance, mortgage or business credit. This institute helps to solve problems between consumers and their bank, insurer, intermediary or other financial service provider. Kifid can also help solve problems between entrepreneurs or freelancers and their bank or financier, when it concerns an interest rate derivative or small business financing.