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As an entrepreneur, a financial boost is never wrong. You can certainly use some financial help as a starter. Extra capital means extra room to invest, which is one of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship. Reasons for needing money as a business loan can vary widely.

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Because there are lots of choice of providers, it is advisable to unite these providers compare . Which (online) provider of business credit is best for your company? There are several aspects that you can pay attention to when researching the most suitable business loan. In the first place you have to pay attention to the interest and the additional costs. In addition to the interest, there are also costs such as administration and closing costs. Calculate all these cost items together and you have an estimate of the total amount that you will spend on the loan.

In addition, the conditions are different for each provider. These conditions suit different situations, requirements and wishes and that is why it is different for every entrepreneur which conditions suit best.

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Loan rates were last updated / checked on February 20, 2019 .

Interest is a factor that is often overlooked when applying for and taking out a loan. Still, this factor can be extremely different between different corporate credit providers. The percentage is not always all-inclusive here. In addition to interest, it is also important that you take the repayment conditions into account. Most providers are transparent about how much interest they charge. If this is not the case, you can use a number of simple calculation models to calculate for yourself how much interest you pay for a certain credit and a certain term.

Business forms

Every business loan is different. Many lenders therefore offer various types of business loans. A difference in interest, conditions and type of credit; There is a suitable loan for every entrepreneur.

loan for sole proprietorship


As a sole proprietorship you often have a different financing need than larger companies. You may have to make investments for, for example, a company car, inventory or business space. Money is needed for that. Or you want to borrow with the aim of growth and innovation. A micro credit can then be a solution: you can borrow a small amount, usually up to 250,000 us dollars, where you personally guarantee, but often no collateral.

VOF business loan


A general partnership usually has a broader holdings than a sole proprietorship and this often also entails a broader financing requirement. Yet it may be that your credit requirement is just a little too modest to often have difficult conversations with the bank. Fortunately, VOFs can also go to many online lenders for loans up to usually 250,000 us dollars. Usually you need one or two persons to act as guarantor and the lender demands the right of pledge on your goods as security. It can also be a mortgage loan , where the real estate serves as collateral.

business loan for eg


As a private limited company (BV) you often have a medium to large company, with associated assets and balance sheet. BVs often turn to their bank for their financing needs, but this is not necessary. There are online lenders where you can apply for digital credit, often up to 1,000,000 US dollars. The procedure is often simpler than with a bank, because you can scan all documents and deliver them digitally. With BVs, the main shareholders usually have to act as guarantor and the lender also demands the right of pledge.



It may be that your financing need is very limited, but that your money is mainly stuck in unpaid invoices. Then it can be a solution to have your invoices pre-financed. This is usually done as factoring and means that you transfer your entire debtor portfolio - including administration and risk bearing - to a specialized company for a small fee. This company will pay most of the outstanding invoices immediately, so you don't have to wait thirty, sixty or ninety days. This can be a solution to meet a non-specific, direct financing need.

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Business financing for freelancers

Where it is not easy for some entrepreneurs to get financing, it can be even more difficult for self-employed people to get a loan for their company. Because they cannot provide business premises or anything else as collateral, business loans are often not allocated to the self-employed.

Because the number of self-employed people has increased enormously in recent years and these entrepreneurs sometimes also need financing, more and more lenders are offering a loan, especially for self-employed people. The rules of the game are different from those for other business loans.

Start-up costs

High start-up costs are often involved when starting a business. Depending on your work, these costs can be better than expected for a self-employed person. Nevertheless, a number of options meet this need. Under the general heading of microcredit, various institutions, and sometimes even banks, are willing to lend money to a starting self-employed person. In some cases, this loan even amounts to 250,000 us dollars. After the start there are more possibilities. If you can demonstrate that you have been in business for a while (often more than two years), with annual figures or bank transactions, there are a number of good online providers where you can borrow as a self-employed person.

SME Credit Guarantee Decree (BBMKB)

One of the important reasons why banks are reluctant to lend substantial amounts to starting entrepreneurs such as self-employed persons is often the lack of collateral. However, the Dutch government has met this need with a special scheme: the SME Credit Guarantee Decree ( BBMKB ). This decision is intended as an incentive measure to nevertheless finance small and medium-sized businesses. The Dutch State can act as guarantor for an entrepreneur who has no or sufficient collateral. Not every lender makes use of this scheme. You can check this with the lender.

Venture capital

It is also possible for private persons or specialized lenders to invest in a company. This can be in the form of so-called venture capital or risk capital. The name derives venture capital from the fact that the lender invests with less certainty than a bank usually requires, such as sales figures or collateral. Usually, starting entrepreneurs call on such 'informal investors' from their network, or they look for a Private Participation Company. The internet nowadays offers many possibilities and platforms to bring investors and entrepreneurs together, for example in the form of crowdfunding.


Crowdfunding is actually a special form of venture capital. The phenomenon originated on the internet and can in principle be used for everything that requires money. Interesting for investors in crowdfunding because they can invest for only a small amount. In addition, many platforms provide an interesting return. As an entrepreneur, the advantage is that you do not have to approach the investors yourself, as long as you have a good proposition. Moreover, people who sign up for your crowdfunding project are usually very interested in and involved in your company.

Tips for crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is gaining in popularity as a real way to meet an investment need as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs and SMEs benefit from this, especially when financing innovative projects. However, there are so many crowdfunding platforms that the degree of success is largely determined by the choice of the right platform. Therefore four tips for making this important choice.

Step 1: Choose the right goal

purpose of loan

What is very important to ordinary lenders, plays an even greater role in crowdfunding: what is the credit needed for? It depends a bit on the platform, but for successfully raising money through crowdfunding it is very important that you have a clear and appealing goal. Not only does this help to inspire confidence with potential investors, with crowdfunding you can also generate a good dose of interest, goodwill and commitment. So be as specific as possible in describing your financing needs.

Step 2: Choose the right shape

loan form

Crowdfunding can come in various forms. Although crowdfunding credit is common through many online platforms, you can also obtain other forms of crowdfunding. For example, if you raise money for a particular product, the lenders may not have to refund the money. This can be in exchange for a copy of the product, in a special version or with an extra. It is also possible to issue shares in your company through crowdfunding. Finally, donations are also possible, but these are quite rare.

Step 3: Choose your investors

investors for business loan

It never hurts to research beforehand. This way you can try to find out in advance what kind of investors are active on a particular platform and what their interests are. This may concern investors with a specific interest in industry or subject, but also the expectations that investors have based on the return on their investment. If you can estimate this correctly, it increases the chance that more interested parties will sign up for your project. Most platforms are very clear about this, especially those that have a specific focus on a subject or industry.

Step 4: Pay attention to costs & conditions

pay attention to costs

This tip may seem superfluous, but costs are of course also an important factor to consider in your choice for the crowdfunding platform. If the ideal platform is very expensive, it might pay off to go for the second or even third choice. You may also get better conditions.

Apply for a business loan

You can request a business credit from almost all lenders. In principle, all large banks operating in the Netherlands provide loans for business purposes. They all apply their own conditions. That is why it is good to compare; this means you will find the loan with the most favorable conditions. When comparing and applying for a loan, it is not only on the interest rate, but also on the other conditions that you as a company must meet in order to be eligible for a loan. Check carefully in advance whether it is financially responsible to take out the loan.

Top 5 Providers

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Business financing is different from a personal loan . If you are self-employed, it is often more difficult to borrow money. After all, you do not have a fixed income because you are not employed. This means that the lender runs a greater risk of paying off the loan in time and in full. Certainly a starting entrepreneur who cannot yet build on good business results often runs into a rejection for a loan. For this, a business plan usually needs to be submitted, in which you explain exactly what kind of company you have or want to start.

In addition, you must indicate how much money you want to borrow and what you want to spend it for. The lender can then consider whether or not he dares to receive this financing. Of course you can try it with several banks or lenders at the same time. That way you lose less time when you get a rejection. It is therefore important that your plans are clear and that your company is credible. The best way to get a business loan is if someone wants to be a guarantor that is sufficiently creditworthy. If you can arrange this, arranging a business credit on favorable terms will often be a lot easier.

Nowadays it is easy to take out a business loan quickly. This can be done even faster by comparing the options via You can then go directly to the lender of your choice to apply for a business credit. In many cases this can be done completely online. Your application for a business loan will then be assessed by an expert. In many cases, you will receive a decision within a few days whether the loan will be granted and under what conditions. The conditions in most cases depend on the estimated creditworthiness of your company. If you have a business that has been running well for several years, these conditions will often be more favorable than if you have a starting entrepreneur or if your business is less creditworthy.

If you cannot meet the monthly repayment obligations, then taking out a loan is very unwise. This is because you will then run into financial difficulties with a probability bordering on certainty.

Business financing costs

When you take out financing for a business, you enter into a financial obligation, just like any other form of credit. First and foremost, that means that you have to pay interest on the loan amount during the term of the loan.

In addition, with most lenders you also have to take into account administration, commission or application costs. Sometimes this is a fixed amount, but usually these costs are calculated as a percentage of the loan amount.


The interest for taking out a loan can differ greatly per period. Currently, the interest for taking out a loan is not very high. This is because the general interest rate that national banks use is very low. This is therefore a favorable development if you are considering borrowing business money . The measure to lower interest rates is precisely designed to stimulate the economy. In this way, companies can borrow business at favorable conditions and thus invest in their company. This is good for the economy and therefore also for employment.

In some cases it is possible to influence the interest rate that you have to pay for a business loan. This is possible, for example, if you know the lender and have purchased more products. In that case, they will be happy to hire you as a customer for a business loan. This can have a favorable effect on the percentage that you have to pay for this loan. Since the interest for all types of loans is already very low at the moment, there is not much to be gained from this at the moment. In that case, it only concerns one or two percentage points. You may be able to negotiate other favorable terms, such as a longer term. This so that the monthly payments for the repayment are lower.

costs of a business loan

Business loans without a Credit Bureau

When you try to take out a loan, a check is often carried out based on the details of the Credit Bureau. This agency lists loans and financial obligations. In the event of a negative registration with the Credit Bureau, the chances are that your request to obtain a business loan will be rejected.

Recently, small financial obligations have also been registered by the Credit Bureau, for example the subscription of a mobile phone. For many people, having a negative registration is the reason that they cannot take out a loan. Fortunately, the rules for companies are different. The details of the Credit Bureau are in most cases not important if you want to take out a business loan. This is because this concerns a credit for a company and this is separated from the personal financial obligations. For this reason, it is often possible to borrow money for a company, without the assessment of the Credit Bureau being involved.

Credit Bureau and ZZP

As a self-employed person you usually have no collateral for your business loan and you yourself, as a private person, guarantee the loan. That is why lenders often ask that you have a good credit history and a negative BKR registration works to your disadvantage. But there may be factors that positively influence their decision. For example, when your company is financially healthy and you can demonstrate this with, for example, good turnover figures.

Registration with loan

In principle, the Credit Bureau is intended for consumers, not for businesses. The aim is to protect consumers from taking out excess credit that they may not be able to repay. Every consumer who takes out a form of credit in excess of US $ 250 for more than one month is registered. As a rule, a business credit is only registered with the Credit Bureau when there is a payment arrears. So if you take out a business loan and always meet your payment obligations, you will not receive a BKR registration for a business loan.

Without annual figures

In most cases, as a self-employed person, you must submit the annual figures of your company to apply for a loan. After all, a lender wants the certainty that you can also repay a loan. The annual figures of your company are assessed for this.

There are options for taking out a business loan without annual figures. However, unfavorable conditions are often used for this, such as a higher interest rate. These types of loans are usually offered by companies and entrepreneurs who actually have insufficient financial resources to be able to pay off the loan. In many cases, the result is a sky-high debt that only accumulates and that you may eventually not be able to pay off at all.

It is not recommended to take out a loan of which you can reasonably know that the repayment is going to be a problem. It is possible to request your annual figures via the website of the Chamber of Commerce (KVK).

business loan without annual figures

Business loan risks

A business loan does not usually affect your private properties. But if you have business debts that you can no longer pay off, then lenders will eventually seize your other assets. In that case, it can happen that your company is declared bankrupt. You also run the risk that your house will be seized. This means that you are obliged to sell it. This also applies to other movable and immovable property.

Are you married or do you have a registered partnership? Then you can choose to put the house or car in the name of your partner, for example. This will then be disregarded in the event of a business bankruptcy. Regardless of this, it remains wise to always carefully weigh the financial risks and only apply for a business loan if you are sure that you can pay off the debt without getting into financial difficulties.


The conditions that are used for applying for a business account differ per lender. Most online lenders do have more flexible criteria than beacon, but there are still a number of general conditions that you must meet in order to be eligible with most lenders. The condition almost always applies that your company must be established in the Netherlands. Your company must also be registered with the Chamber of Commerce (KVK). In addition, you must be resident in the Netherlands and your company must often be active for more than a year (sometimes two years). Also, some gel shooters require a minimum annual turnover and / or a good credit history.

Guarantor or collateral

In the case of lenders of smaller amounts, often aimed at smaller companies, no collateral will be required. Instead, these lenders will require one or more private individuals to guarantee the financing. That means that if the company is unable to repay the credit, the debt will be recovered from those persons. This is also why some lenders insist that the private person backing has a good credit history.